Battling the budget: LU survives budget crisis

Jake Sagal, Staff Reporter

This past semester has been a bit turbulent in terms of stability. Between other higher education facilities closing around the country and serious budget issues present on campus, many students have been left to wonder if Lakeland is nearing its end. While this is a fair question, it is important for students to understand that Lakeland is in much better shape compared to the schools that closed and that the school is almost through the budget issues.

President Borgen is confident that the school’s board will approve the budget after changes have been made over the course of the past month. In an email sent to reassure Lakeland’s staff, she commented:

“The Board will meet on May 26 to vote on the 2023-2024 budget, and I am confident they will see in the proposal the good work of our teams and a sustainable model for managing the current environment and moving forward on key growth initiatives. I will share updates at our May 30 all-campus meeting. In the meantime, thank you for your continued dedication. I am honored to serve you and the Lakeland community.”

It should be noted that, while positions were eliminated in the past, LU’s leadership team is looking to move forward without having to take such action again. Both President Borgen and Dr. Kutney are confident that the board will approve the budget and Lakeland will shift out of crisis mode.

Universities across the country are going through the same struggles now. Less people are attending universities, and campuses are dealing with much smaller class sizes. While many schools are cutting programs and staff, LU is looking to continue to build our educational programs by potentially adding more faculty and expanding graduate offerings.

There is no doubt that battling the budget has been a struggle. Every department has sacrificed and made cuts to help. While times may look bleak, it is important to remember that the Lakeland family will get through this.