Lakeland’s lacking lot – What to put between Muehlmeier and Grosshuesch Halls

Jake Sagal, Staff Reporter

Try saying that three times fast 

This year, Lakeland University officially reopened Muehlmeier and Grosshuesch to sophomores and first years, respectively. While the two new dorms are triumphs, the open space between them leaves much to be wanted. Students and faculty alike have their own ideas on what to put in between the two dorms. 

“Oh, an amusement park for sure,” commented junior Travis Eitel when asked what he would like. 

While Travis’s idea is quite grand, some students have a more relaxed vision for the space. Senior Michaela Schmitz suggested a garden be placed in the empty space. This idea may be a bit more fiscally responsible than the previously mentioned amusement park. 

Hannah Lykins, hall director for the apartments, had multiple ideas for the space. Some of her suggestions include putting in a stage for bands and events, putting in a cement basketball court and putting in an ice-skating rink. 

While these ideas range from grandiose to grounded, the excitement for the future of this lot is clear.