Lakeland graduates share their stories

Emma Schad, Managing Editor

Four Lakeland alumni returned to campus on Friday, Jan. 27 for the first annual Humanities and Fine Arts Colloquium.

Musician Fabian Qamar ‘14, pastor Sara Rabe ‘97, writer Christine Rukavena ‘99 and artist Sara Willadsen ‘10 participated in a panel discussion with students and faculty.

Nate Lowe, dean of the School of Humanities and Fine Arts, started the panel discussion off with introductions of the graduates and asking the first few questions.

The first question was about what the graduates thought they were preparing to do as a career. Willadsen said, “I’m surprised with where I am and happy. I’m utilizing everything I’ve learned at Lakeland. It’s better than I’ve ever expected.”

Another question from Lowe dealt with things the graduates would’ve done differently while studying at Lakeland. If presented the chance to do it all over again, Fabian would “keep everything in perspective” and “keep a better balance.” Willadsen stated that she wishes she would’ve “taken advantage of meeting more people.”

The audience asked a variety of questions from how the graduates ended up at Lakeland to what they imagine themselves doing 10 years from now.

After the panel, Willadsen held an art exhibit and reception in the Bradley building. Following her exhibit, Karl Elder, Fessler Professor of Creative Writing and Poet in Residence, was inducted into the Fine Arts Gallery of Distinction.