Betas take on “Week of the Bull”

Emma Schad, Managing Editor

The Beta Sigma Omega fraternity’s “Week of the Bull,” an annual community service initiative, took place the week of Monday, April 3.

The Betas started off the week with hosting a game night that included all Lakeland students and staff. Those who attended had the option to play pool, bag toss and multiple game systems such as PS4 and Xbox One.

The Betas also organized a basketball game against staff and faculty, which took place Tuesday night in the Wehr Center. The game was a close one as the final score was 54-52, with the staff and faculty coming out on top.

On Wednesday, the Betas did their annual campus cleanup, during which they filled multiple large garbage bags with trash.

To end the week, the Betas hosted a free car wash at the President’s House.