Valuable lessons learned with good food

Romain Johnson II, Staff Reporter

On Tuesday, April 5, the brothers of Beta Sigma Omega fraternity hosted a Lunch & Learn in the 1862 Lounge on the importance of not texting and driving. Joshua Guy, communications major, led the presentation, and the signature dish of chicken and waffles were by Romain Johnson, a senior also majoring in communications.

“There were a lot of people getting into car accidents that I knew on Facebook, so I brought the idea to the frat and they agreed that this is something that should be addressed. Romain already had that date set of chicken and waffles so we thought we should just combine the two together,” said Airiss Hargrow, junior exercise science major.

Throughout the presentation, there were many facts given about the dangers of texting and driving every year.

“I feel like the students on this campus should be aware of the dangers from texting and driving, and it is better perceived coming from your peers,” Hargrow said.

To end the presentation, a video was shown to the crowd of a victim and her mother, who sent her the text that caused her to get into a major accident. The faces of everyone in the crowd showed a sense of hurt and fear.

The next AT&T Lunch & Learn will be held on Wednesday, April 13 at 12:15 in the Brotz Multipurpose Room. The topic will be Wellness and Stress Release.

For more information on the dangers of texting and driving, contact a member of the Beta Sigma Omega fraternity. For more information about future Lunch & Learn events, contact a Student Success and Engagement Coach.