Undergraduate Research Day to showcase student research and scholarship


Amanda Bagnall-Newman, Website Manager

Friday, April 15 will mark the first annual Undergraduate Research and Scholarship Symposium.

“The event is held to showcase the research and scholarship of the students at Lakeland,” stated Jessica Kalmar, assistant professor of Psychology. “Not only is classwork being showcased, but [that] outside of classwork.”

The event is an opportunity to show programs to not only the community, but students who might be interested in participating in the research being done. With many research opportunities at Lakeland, this event is a chance to raise awareness for them.

“A lot of stuff goes on on campus and people don’t know about it,” stated Greg Smith, associate professor of Biology. The information presented is transferable field to field, shows how to professionally present it and is beneficial no matter what your major.

The event was organized by the Undergraduate Research Day Task Force, comprised of Meg Albrinck, vice president for academic affairs and dean of the college, Kalmar, Smith, Karin Miofsky, assistant professor of criminal justice, Pam Engebretson, assistant professor of interdisciplinary studies, Andrew Karls, assistant professor of biology, and Nate Lowe, chair of the creative arts division and associate professor of writing.

All students were given the opportunity to present their research to the Lakeland community on this day. Students were given guidelines to follow in their designated classes, but had the freedom to choose their projects. Some professors will be making specific events mandatory for their classes.

The day will start with an Ice Cream Social at 11 a.m. in Bossard Hall, where Core III students will hand out free homemade ice cream at “It’s Homemade Ice Cream! The Scoop on Conscious Eating.” The class will engage the Lakeland community by educating them about the food we buy and the food we eat.

The group will be raising awareness of the first steps towards making healthy lifestyle choices and demonstrating the process of making homemade ice cream. Local producers will also be there to promote their products and food philosophy.

The opening session will be held in the Bradley Theatre from 12:30 to 1:30 p.m. There will be multiple faculty speakers, each individual representing their academic division. This event will qualify for a convocation credit.

Between 1:45 and 3:15 p.m., oral presentations will be held across campus. Presentations in these sessions will be spaced out in 15 minute intervals unless otherwise indicated. Visitors are welcome to move from room to room between presentations.

Sessions will include student presentations from departments such as Criminal Justice, Honors, Business, Communications, Natural Sciences, Psychology and Writing.

Following the oral presentations, a poster session will be held in the David and Valerie Black Room in Laun 209. 13 posters will be presented featuring a variety of topics. Refreshments will be available.

Shortly after, the Annual Student Art Exhibition will be held at 4:30 p.m. in the Bradley Gallery. The exhibition will showcase the best of students’ work from various art courses throughout the academic year. This event will also have refreshments and qualifies as convocation credit.

Students are strongly encouraged to attend any and all events, and the day is open to the public.


Listed below is a complete schedule of events, topics and presenters:


(Preceded by Ice Cream Social in Bossard 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.)


12:30 – 1:30 p.m. – OPENING SESSION (BRADLEY)

Faculty Presenters:

  1. Meg Albrinck – Opening Remarks
  1. Andrew Karls – “The Use of Human Stem Cells in Exploration of the Molecular Targets of Ethanol”
  1. Charlie Krebs – “The Creative Process to Mount a Theatre Production”
  1. Jodie Liedke – “Pot Cakes” (Creative Nonfiction Essay)
  1. Karin Miofsky – “Teens, Sexting, and Technology: Results from a Multi-state OJJDP-funded Study”
  1. Scott Niederjohn – “Economics: All about the money?”
  1. Peter Sattler – “Why would anyone research comics?”


1:45 – 3:15 p.m. – ORAL PRESENTATIONS (Presentations in these sessions will be spaced in 15-minute intervals, unless indicated otherwise)

Session I – Criminal Justice Chase 100

  1. Hollie Blum: “Predictors of Adolescent Drug and Alcohol Abuse”
  1. Daniel Matijevic: “Negotiation In Times of Deadly Scenarios: The Content Analysis of ‘Flashpoint’”
  1. Sarah Yaegler: “Group Pressure Influencing Lakeland College Students”
  1. Samuel Martin: “Exploring Child Aggression”
  1. Le’Shay Jones: “Exploring Racism in Law and Order”
  1. Megan Gomez: “Changing the verdict: Jury selection in hate crime trials”

Session II – HONORS Laun 109

  1. Stephanie Burgardt: “Bridging the Gap Between High School and College Writing.”
  1. CJ Mueller: “Educating High School and College Students about Childhood ADHD”
  1. Megan Hellmer: “From Night, to Twilight, to Light: The Plot of a Holocaust Survivor”
  1. Jamie Gundlach: “The Psychopathology of Voldemort”
  1. Brook Bignell: “Comparing Muggle and Wizard Fairy Tales”
  1. Darrin Pribbernow: “Connecting the Ministry of Magic to the Third Reich”
  1. Megan Hellmer: “Mental Illness in the Wizarding World”

Session III – Business and Communications Laun 228

  1. Tiffany Fischer, Karen Hjelle, Kyle Delahaut, Avinash Limbu, Au’briana Chambers, Hailey Diny, Katrien Rogers, and Jacob Dueppen: “Destination Exploration – A Weekend in Kohler” *half-hour presentation
  1. Tyler Magtanong, Deylin Steinbruecker, and Tom Panzer: “Business Advice We Learned at Disney”
  1. Hailey Diny, Katrien Rogers, Brooke Paige, and Jacob Dueppen: “LaCasa Restaurant Business Plan”
  1. Amanda Smith: “Social Media Has Gone to the Dogs: How Animal Shelters Utilize New Media for Their Cause”

Session IV – Natural Sciences Laun 110

  1. Jenna Ward: “Effects of Saponins and Antibiotics on Gram Positive Bacteria”
  1. Emily Thomas: “Influence of Reactive Oxygen Species on Prion Formation”
  1. Brandon Hagenow: “The Role in the Structure of Silver and its Effects on ROS accumulation in E. coli”
  1. Audrey Nichols: “Extraction and Purification of Stevia Glycosides”
  1. Sam Guy: “Introduction of Cost Savings to an HPLC Lab by Recycling and Reusing the Solvent Mobile Phase”

Session V – Psychology and Criminal Justice Chase 009

  1. Kristin Brusky, Emily Huberty, Karalee Manis and Samantha Williams: “A Controversy in Abnormal Psychology”
  1. Olivia Hansen: “Personal Life Enhancement Project”
  1. Sarah Willihnganz: “Personal Life Enhancement Project”
  1. Brandy Hahn: “Personal Life Enhancement Project”
  1. Jacob LaFleur: “Media’s Influence on Public Perceptions of Legitimacy in the Police and the Court”

Session VI – Natural Sciences Laun 210

  1. Brandy Hahn and Chad Larson: “The effects of salinity on ghost shrimp (Palaemonetes paludosus) heart rate activity”
  1. Brianne Frank: “Catalytic Carbenes and Transition Metals”
  1. Madison Hull and Kelsey Raasch: “The morphological consequences of light and feeding conditions on Chlorohydra viridissima”
  1. Andrew Wagner: “The effect of the common red worm, Eisenia fetida, on plant growth dynamics”

Session VII – Advanced Nonfiction Readings 1862 Lounge (The readings will not be spaced at 15-minute intervals)

Austin Anderson, “Three Pedal Tango”

Heather Hartmann, “The Wolf Inside Me”

Danielle Livingston, “The Egg Game”

Mayce Bacon, “The Waltz”

Adrian Hackl, “Winter’s Voyage”

Angela Herbst, “Close Encounter “

Stephanie Burgardt, “Under the Surface”

Karalee Manis, “Colorblind”


3:15 – 4:15 p.m. – POSTER SESSION (David and Valerie Black Room – Laun 209)

* Indicates Student Presenter

  1. Assessing the Rate of [PSI+] Prion Formation in Mutant Saccharomyces cerevisiae Strains

Cassandra Mueller*, Emily Thomas*, and Greg Smith

  1. Developing CRISPR Technology to Genetically Modify Human Cells

Emma Kazmierski* and Jered McGivern

  1. Examining the Influence of Life Span on Brine Shrimp in Response to Genetically Modified Food

Vanasha Williams* and Jered McGivern

  1. Factors that Influence Stigmatizing Attitudes Towards People with Mental Illness

Sarah Willihnganz*, Rachel Leverenz, Megan Gomez, Abigail Bauer, Ariel Lochman and Jessica Kalmar

  1. Gender Based Analysis of the Eccentric Utilization Ratios of NCAA Division III Athletes

Samantha Williams*, Alyssa Ciepley, Trista Barron, and Bill Ebben

  1. Kinetic Analysis of the Role of Upper Extremity Segmental Inertia on Vertical Jump Performance

Trista Barron*, Alyssa Ciepley, Samantha Williams, and Bill Ebben

  1. Population Effects of Coal Fly Ash-Exposed Chlamydomonas reinhardtii Fed to Daphnia magna at Low and High Food Concentrations

Brooke Wilder-Corrigan* and Paul Pickhardt

  1. Prions Regulate the Ability of Yeast to Produce Volatile Aromatic Esters

Ayoko Nda* and Jered McGivern

  1. Mental Health Awareness Week and Attitudes Towards People with Mental Illness

Megan Gomez*, Amber Smith, Kimberly Daane, Julie Bender, Sarah Willihnganz, Shalome Harden and Jessica Kalmar

  1. Searching for Genetically Modified Proteins in Corn

Andrew Wagner* and Jered McGivern

  1. Neurotransmitter Catabolism by Stem Cell Derived Astrocytes

Suzette Rosas* and Jered McGivern

  1. The Determination of Extracted Saponins as Emulsifiers

Libby DeClark* and Jered McGivern

  1. The Relationship Between the Auditory Stimuli of Foot Strike and Ground Reaction Forces During Jump Landings

Alyssa Ciepley*, Trista Barron, Samantha Williams, and Bill Ebben