Sunburst Ski trip huge success

Amanda Bagnall-Newman, Website Editor

This Saturday, Feb. 13, approximately 40 students took a ride to Sunburst Winter Sports Park and made a run for the hills. Feb. 13 marked the Indoor/Outdoor Adventure Club ski outing, which went from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Students were given the opportunity to ski, snowboard or tube for free, sponsored by the Adventure Club. Leaders of the group had started planning the trip in early November and students were eager to partake. The sign up sheet was filled within two days.

Lunch was provided by the club; students were given an $8 gift card to purchase lunch at the ski chalet. Students were expected to pay out of pocket for additional food or other items.

The high temperature for the day was 7 degrees Fahrenheit, making for a chilly experience. Indoor locations were available to warm up in, and hot chocolate was available for purchase.

As part of the park’s Winterfest event, there was a chili cook-off, balloon animals, magic show and ski school graduation ceremony. Lakeland students cheered the young skiers during the ceremony.

Attending was a wide variety of skill sets. Most students had never skied/snowboarded before or had little experience, but others had over 10 years under their belts. A few skilled attendees assisted students at the bunny hill and taught them the basics.

Although there were several wipe outs, there were no major injuries.