New Student Government Association members inaugurated

Luke Ulatowski, Social Media Editor

Following the unveiling of the Student Government Association election results on April 18, the winning candidates were inaugurated into their new positions on April 19.

The inauguration took place at a luncheon in Laun 209. All candidates who had participated in the election were invited, along with resident assistants and Blue & Gold Champions. Associate Vice President for Student Success and Dean of Students Eric Blacknall prayed over the meal before allowing students to dig in. Chicken parmigiana was served, with cheesecake as the dessert.

Following the meal, the inauguration began. Assistant Director of Residence Life and Area Coordinator Ryan Opahle, who also serves as the advisor for SGA, read winning candidates through an oath of office before they were given medals signifying their induction.

The first to be medaled were the three senators: Senator for Business Aaron Barth, Senator for Creative Arts Amanda Bagnall-Newman and Senator for Natural Sciences Brent Singh Sharkey. All three ran unopposed. Barth and Sharkey were the only members of The Seven Muskieteers to be elected.

Executive Vice President Joseph Legate, Vice President of Student Affairs Avinash Limbu, Vice President of Student Services Dorah Owango and Vice President of Academic Affairs Christian Gillaspie were medaled after. Vice President of Budget & Finance Michael Whitley and Vice President of Public Relations Austin Hansen were not present.

Finally, the new SGA President, Student Integration Movement candidate Nate Cooper, was medaled. He was allowed a speech after his inauguration, in which he thanked his political opponents, The Seven Muskieteers, for participating in the election and reiterated his team’s mission.

“As you are staying in school and getting good grades, we want you to have a lot of fun before graduating,” Cooper told the students in the room, playing with the Student Success and Engagement Team’s famous mantra. “That is something that some people don’t have.”