New logo, same brand

Peter Ludolph, Staff Reporter

The transition to a university is an exciting one for Lakeland College. With the major change of the name of the institution, there also comes changes to the logos of the college.

Lakeland has kept the current livery in its transition to a format using LU instead of LC.

The changing of these logos will first appear on campus apparel. David Gallianetti, director external relations, said, “the bookstore is going to start selling Lakeland University gear the week of April 25, which is the week leading up to commencement.”

Gallianetti added, “We wanted to give people the opportunity to go home and wear Lakeland University gear.”

The changing of other campus logos will happen over the summer, when the other major transitions take place.

Concerning the logos, there were quite a few variants of the logo that the college considered before settling on the final designs.

Gallianetti said, “We ended up wanting something that is related to what we have now, but is different.”

The logo is quite important to the college; however, it is only an image. Gallianetti said, “A logo is a visual identifier of a brand, but it is not the brand itself.”

The brand of Lakeland is that which students have come to know it as: a small, close knit and friendly community of educators and students.

Gallianetti said, “When people see the new LU logo, over time we want them to know that it is Lakeland University, but we want them to have a positive image of the Lakeland University brand based on their interactions with the university and their own personal experiences.”

Overall, with the change in logo, there is also a hesitation in change. This is because of the knowledge that Lakeland, as a brand, is selling a personalized education to all of its students.

Gallianetti said, “The brand is the promise that you are making to people; it is the story you are telling and, when people see a logo, you obviously want that to conjure an image in their mind.”

When the college to university transition occurs on July 1, the school will also transition to a new academic structure comprised of three schools that will encompass all current academic divisions. To learn about these changes and more, click here.