Mission House lecture explores religion and politics


Emma Schad

Rev. Phil Haslanger presents about loving in a time of resentment at Tuesday's Mission House lecture.

Emma Schad, Copy Editor

Rev. Phil Haslanger, a Lakeland graduate, presented Tuesday’s Mission House lecture, during which he explored the topic of religion and politics, specifically how to love in a time of resentment.

Haslanger explained how to find a spirit of love and hope in a year where there is much controversy over politics, making the presentation relevant to the upcoming election. He advised the audience to not put others down for opposing views, but instead to listen to them, increasing their understanding through learning from one another. He continually emphasized the word “listen” throughout his lecture.

He shared the experiences and stories of a dozen people, including himself. His stories varied from his participation in a friendship house to Sister Helen’s coffee house. He mentioned and quoted a variety of books such as “Healing the Heart of Democracy” by Parker Palmer and “America’s Original Sin” by Jim Wallis.

Haslanger concluded his presentation by restating and summarizing the “recurring theme” of making an effort to listen to one another, allowing us to love in a time of resentment.