Mirror update: Staff changes, Letters to the Editor accepted


Luke Ulatowski, Managing Editor, Website Editor

A few changes have taken place within our team while an already semi-present feature ought to be brought to the limelight.

Despite the plan for the position of managing editor to remain empty until next semester after the resignation of Karalee Manis, digital media manager Luke Ulatowski has been promoted to the seat.

Ulatowski continues to serve as the website editor and social media manager alongside the position. Meanwhile, the executive editor seat remains empty.

Ad manager Lindsey Vagnini has resigned from her position, but remains with The Mirror as a staff reporter. In lieu of a replacement, ad requests may still be sent to her.

For a list of current and former editors and reporters at The Mirror, visit our staff page.

We also wish to remind readers that sending letters to the editor is very much encouraged. Responses to both our content and current events are accepted, as well as promotions for organizations and upcoming events.

Feedback and promotions will be labelled as such in the title of each submission. Both will be placed in the Opinions category for the time being. We reserve the right to remove expletives and edit for length. All of this will only be done with the permission of the writer.

If you have anything to tell The Mirror or Lakeland as a whole, please email your letter to [email protected].