Art exhibit to showcase upcoming graduates

Amanda Bagnall-Newman, Website Manager

Friday, Feb. 26 will be a significant milestone in four senior art majors’ lives, when the opening exhibition of their work will be held in the Bradley Gallery on at 4:30 p.m.

The students showcasing their work are Justine Watson, Rebecca Stemwell, Marvin Warfield and Tanner Hackl.

The senior exhibition is a requirement for all Lakeland art majors to graduate. Students spend a semester preparing their portfolios and pieces for the gallery through their portfolio preparation class.

“The show itself sums up what the students have been doing here at Lakeland over their last for years,” stated William Weidner, associate professor of art.

“The show lets them see how far they have developed and also allows the community to see how far these four have developed, as well,” said Weidner. “It signals the beginning of their new career. They can put Lakeland and its experience behind them, and get a fresh start.”

Refreshments will be served at the opening exhibition with statements from the artists to follow.
The gallery will be open to visitors until April 1.