Did you say Murder?

Heather Hartmann, Staff Reporter

The Theatricians put on a play about a murder with a twist in the Bradley from Feb. 9-11.

“Did Someone Say Murder?” is a play about death and life. A couple goes on a date to a fancy restaurant, not knowing it is murder night, when one guest gets murdered and a detective comes to solve the crime. Nine are down, but are they dead, alive, or just pretending?

If anyone went to see the play more than once, they may have noticed that the amount of spies changed a little from one show to another.

“Lines got switched up. Pieces were missed. We ended up doing more improvising than needed,” said freshman Nichole Hassemer, who played a flower girl in the play.

“They kept you interested because you didn’t know what to expect. They didn’t give away too much at once. They didn’t tell you who did it right away; you had to keep guessing until the very end,” said Stephanie Ball, freshman biology major.

Emma Drake, junior business management major and president of the Theatricians, said it took about five months to decide on a show.

“We had wanted to do something a little non-traditional, something that we hadn’t done at Lakeland before, and a murder mystery sounded perfect,” said Drake.

Drake described a bit about the group’s goals. “Theatricians are the theatrical group on campus; we work to give students the opportunities and experiences of theatre in a friendly and open atmosphere,” she said.

For more information about the Theatricians, contact Emma Drake at [email protected]