Convocations expand horizons

Willie Franke, Staff Reporter

I have heard many complaints regarding convocations: they’re boring, there’s too many of them, etc. I found myself in a mini panic going into my senior year without having all of my convocations finished, but with a little effort and open-mindedness, I was able to complete this requirement while also becoming a better student and person because of them.

Convocations include everything from art exhibits to musicals. I have attended convocations that allowed me to watch my classmates perform on stage for a large audience. Additionally, I have attended convocations that Lakeland has put on for the community, such as ThinkHaus sessions, during which I learned about political rhetoric and how to understand political debates.

Yes, there have been convocations that have caused me to nearly fall out of my seat in a slumber, but the benefits have outweighed the drawbacks. Convocations provide students with useful information that they will be able to use for the rest of their lives.

One Lakeland student said, “Twenty-four is too many to complete. If there were less to do, I think students wouldn’t mind going to them and they’d be easier to get done.”

I agree that 24 is a rather large number to complete, but there are over 30 convocations offered per year. This means that students have more than enough opportunity to fit in their convocations. If you spread the convocations out over your four years at Lakeland, you only need to attend three convocations a semester.

Another complaint regarding convocations is that they are not interesting or fun enough. However, these convocations are meant to be informative and inspiring. They give students the opportunity to expand their horizons and experience new cultures. With so many different convocations offered, students have the option of attending ones that seem interesting to them.

Convocations are a great way to become an open-minded and well-rounded student. I’m appreciative that Lakeland offers and requires them.

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