Amanda Bagnall-Newman, Website Editor

Society has us thinking that we have to finish college and then we can get married and finally have children. Even the idea of getting married before graduation makes people roll their eyes, claiming that you are ‘too young.’

But why make love wait? Why can’t we get married while also being a student?

One argument suggests that students do not have enough money to get married. How can you bare to spend thousands of dollars on a wedding when you don’t have a stable job and are still taking out student loans?

But getting married while still in college can actually save you money, and can minimize your student loan debt.

According to, married couples are considered independent from their parents, which no longer requires you to report your parents’ income on your FAFSA. Since most college students make a small chunk of money on the side, income is next to nothing. Overall, you can save thousands with the increased help of financial aid.

If you are engaged, why wait so long to get married? You obviously know you want to marry the other, so just do it!

And who needs an extravagant wedding? They are overrated and, honestly, tacky. Just grab your family, friends and whoever you feel necessary, grab a white sundress, find a church that is willing to host and get married. I’m a fan of barn weddings with DIY decorations myself.

Avoiding marriage in college may seem as if you are pushing back the stress that goes into planning a wedding to a time where you don’t need to worry about school, but it’s really not.

With graduation (hopefully) comes a full time job, with full time responsibilities. You need to move off of campus or potentially out of your parents’ house, you need to figure out your life. Then you would have the stress of starting a new marriage and new jobs at the same time.

Many of our parents and especially grandparents got married while they were young. But let’s be rational, don’t rush into marriage if you are not ready for it. But if the time is right for both of you, don’t be scared to put a ring on it.