Amanda Bagnall-Newman, Website Editor

As one of the many campus dwellers at Lakeland, I witness first hand the perks of on-campus living.

While I have not experienced the life as a commuter, I know it is not the one for me. Living in the dorms was my first real opportunity to live away from home and allowed me to take a baby step before renting an apartment.  

Living on-campus leaves you directly in the middle of campus life. You cannot help but feel like a part of the community when you live in it. Even the dorms themselves provide built in sub-communities.

Living close with your fellow students offers an easy way to meet people. A commute might affect how and when you choose to socialize. It’s hard to have late night parties or get-togethers with people on-campus if you need to drive home afterwards.

Living on-campus provides easily accessible and readily available facilities and amenities with a housing plan, including the gym, dining hall and library. While commuters do have access to them, it can be quite a drive for them to access.

Having a meal plan on campus is like having a chef on call, you don’t have to cook, or prepare meals or even do dishes. Meals here on-campus are fantastic compared to other colleges, and there is a variety of options with the help of the Muskie Grill.

The best part of living in the dorms is the custodians who clean up after disgusting students. Cleaning the toilet and peeling hair out of the drain is something you don’t have to worry about. Now for us who live in the campus apartments, we do have to worry about this, but it comes with the territory.

On-campus housing payments are easy, there is only one upfront fee that doesn’t have hidden fees. Your financial aid package can even help with housing costs. The rooms also come furnished with a bed, desk and dresser, which also saves costs.

However, the big money saver is not requiring a car to get to classes. Not everyone on-campus has a car, or frankly needs one because on-campus living provides everything they would need. A shuttle is also available for those outside campus trips. Living on campus means shorter trips to classes, no long commute, and no traffic to worry about.

Overall, living off-campus can be a complete hassle and an expensive one. Personally, I would stick to on-campus housing because of its affordability, convenience and accessibility.