Amanda Bagnall-Newman, Website Editor

There is a good reason why we sleep in pajamas: they are comfortable! College can and is expected to be a stressful experience, why not make it a bit easier to bear? Staying in your pajamas is a quick and easy way to help relax.

Let’s be honest, how often do we get up early enough to get dressed, eat breakfast and get ready for the day all before leaving for our 8 a.m. class. And on top of that, if you are a commuter, you have to add travel time into that. Staying in your pajamas skips the strain of picking out an outfit and putting it on. Personally, picking out what I will be wearing is the longest part of my morning routine. While I personally never take the pajama route, the option is still there if needed.

Wearing pajamas to classes will help reduce the amount of laundry you accumulate. Less laundry means more time to do more important things, like homework or Netflix. I have seen some pretty desperate students who were at their laundry limit, so take my advice and just be happy that they are wearing pants.

Seeing the students who are out around campus rocking their pajamas always makes me jealous. The truth is, some people pull them off and look good! It boils down to what the pajamas consist of, and how they are made ‘street-legal’. Wearing flannel bottoms is a cute and relaxing alternative to pants. Wearing a stained night gown with your slippers is a terrible idea.

While pajamas are a cozy option of attire, there is nothing professional about them. Know where your pajamas will be accepted. If you arrive to an internship in pajamas, you’re going to have a bad time. If you show up to a class where you are expected to dress up in pajamas, you will be singled out.

So stay warm, get some extra sleep and produce less laundry; but with great power comes with great responsibility, be cautious with your pajamas.