Security and Faith in the lake

Savannah Miranda and Rueben Richardson, Staff Reporters

The LGBTQIA + community is supported at Lakeland University. Jason Hraban, Head of security, and Julie Mavity-Maddalena Chaplain Director of the Ulrich Center in Faith, Ethics and Justice, the Assistant professor of philosophy and religion both approve and encourage the LGBTQIA+ community that attends Lakeland University.

Lakeland University there are spaces where LGBTQIA+ members can feel safe in having conversations and meeting with likeminded people. Alphabet Soup is a mostly student led organization where Students get to have an input in what happens within the club. Members of the staff apart of Lakeland have also been trained in sensitivity training, known at LU as safe in the lake, is conducted with LGBTQIA matters and suicide prevention. “I want our students to feel safe. I want them to feel like they belong, I want them to feel that they are worthwhile, I want them sometimes to feel uncomfortable because when we feel uncomfortable is when we grow.” Chaplain Julie Mavity- Maddelena stated during the interview process. “A simple hi can change the course of someone’s life.” Jason Hraban stated during the interview process at Campus Security office. Both want students to get out of their comfort zones and be the first to have conversations with fellow students who do not understand matters dealing with LGBTQIA+ but also help students make an impact for change within Lakeland.

Both Mavity- Maddelena and Hraban envision Lakeland students and faculty to have a safe space and comfort zone to thrive on campus. They want everyone to feel safe and included on the campus of Lakeland. This includes all gendered bathrooms, being spoken to without judgement on race/sexuality, and housing accommodation.

Both Mavity-Maddelena and Hraban are open to talking anytime their doors are open, they are happy to talk with students and faculty. As members of the Lakeland Community both Mavity-Maddelena and Hraban want for the students to feel included in their faith and security while on the campus.