Choir Tour Around the Area


Andrea Barile, Staff Reporter

The Lakeland choir is going on tour on Thursday, Feb. 27 to Saturday, Feb. 29 to the Salem United Church of Christ in Vernona, WI, McFarland United Church of Christ, Sun Prairie High School, Deerfield High School, and Cedar CommunityCedar Ridge in West Bend, WI to perform for public and selected communities. They will also be working with the high school students at the Sun Prairie and Deerfield schools. 

Professor Emily Davis, the choir director, said that she is most excited to, “perform in other spaces and get to do a full set of music. Usually we are sharing concerts with other choirs, so we don’t get to do our own set and have a concert all to ourselves, so I think that is really a cool opportunity. I’m also excited that we get to sing the same set of music multiple times and see how it evolves and changes; how we feel more confident with it as the week progresses.” 

Beverly Foster, a senior here at Lakeland University, who has been in choir for six semesters stated that, “This is my second time going on choir tour and this year I am excited to work with Professor Davis, considering she was not the choir director for the last tour that Lakeland Choir took. I am also looking forward to seeing how comfortable and confident we are going to become with the pieces we are working on. There are old and new faces both within the choir, people that have come and went as long as I have been in choir, and I am looking forward to how we will come together under the direction of Professor Davis because she is an amazing director to work with. She makes us enjoy choir. She gives us the opportunity to enjoy singing and enjoy what we are doing. 

The choir and band are having a concert on Sunday, March 1 at the Bradley Theater at 3 p.m. The choir will be performing 13 pieces in total. Composer, Tom Palof, has three songs being performed during the concertOmnia Amor Postlude is a piece that is being performed for the first time in concert 

The alumni are also invited to this concert and invited to join the choir in singing the Alma Mater at the end of the concert.