Lakeland’s no-power hour

Rachel Arland, Staff Reporter

On Friday, Oct. 26, Lakeland had a campus-wide power outage. The electricity went out in the early morning. As a result, all classes were cancelled and students received a day off. Here is how people spent their day. 

Linda Xiong, a marketing major, spent her day with friends. She and her roommates went to Harry’s Diner for breakfast. Xiong said she enjoyed the chance to bond with her roommates and eat Nutella crepes. She spent the rest of the day catching up on homework and laundry. In the evening, she went to Dominion of Terror with her club, Global Student Association. 

Jamie Ehlert, a communications major, spent her day off with her residents. As an RA in Krueger, she had to knock on every door to check on her residents. She informed them that classes were canceled and that there would be subs and sandwiches for lunch. She spent the rest of the day catching up on homework. 

Austin Hansen, a business administration major, was driving to school when he received the email about the class cancelations. He drove back home and took a nap before meeting a friend for an enjoyable lunch. Hansen later went out to play a relaxing game of golf with his friends. In the end, Hansen admitted, “I was happy to go back to sleep.” 

Natsuki Saito, a hospitality major, enjoyed her day relaxing. Since there was no power, Saito and her roommates went out for breakfast and worked on a puzzle in the morning. When the power came back on, she worked on homework and cleaned her apartment. For the rest of the evening, she watched movies and spent time with friends. 

The power outage allowed students a day off from classes. Everyone spent their day differently, but it allowed students a day to catch up on homework and take a break. The students said they were all happy to have a day off to relax and enjoy.

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