New horizons for Lakeland’s improv team

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New horizons for Lakeland’s improv team

Mayce Bacon, Staff Reporter

Lakeland’s improv team put on numerous shows last semester, which were all well received by their audiences.

Now it’s time for a change for the improv team as Charlie Krebs, improv advisor and associate professor of theater and communication, gives the go ahead for Lakeland’s improv team to become a student organization.

“I love that the improv team wants to be a student organization for several reasons,” Krebs said. “I always enjoyed being the adviser for ‘Theatricians’ because of the members’ love for theatre. It became especially obvious when they did a show on their own which was fully-student produced. They had such ownership. And it’s the ownership again in the improv team that makes me especially proud. The night when [they] all elected officers, as part of becoming official, I could see the ownership lift off the ground right in front of me. I love seeing students becoming leaders and pursuing their own direction.”

Students taking ownership led to Mayce Bacon, senior writing major, becoming elected as president of the improv team with Alex Kleiber, freshman business major, becoming elected as vice president.

“I am extremely excited to have Lakeland improv become a student organization because it will offer lots of growth for the club, which in turn will benefit the campus,” Kleiber said. “Being a student organization allows us to collect funds from other shows and donations that will go towards the betterment of the Lakeland improv team by means of going to professional shows, and maybe even hiring professional actors for lessons and instructional workshops. As we form this organization, I expect our ranks to grow as more and more people realize how fun performing improv shows can really be.”

Lakeland’s improv team will have their first show in the 1862 Lounge on Feb. 16 at 9 p.m. with more shows to come during the rest of the spring semester.

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