Kapla-designed shirts grace Homecoming

Jon Rivera, Staff Reporter

Art can be powerful, but when it comes to art that represents a community, it is most heartwarming to those it is relevant to.

Senior art major Jori Kapla received quite an opportunity this fall semester. She received a forwarded email from one of Lakeland University’s Student Success Coaches, Mara Poullette, about a search for a designer for 2017’s Homecoming t-shirts. Kapla quickly jumped on the opportunity and took on the task at hand. As soon as she accepted the opportunity, she was told the design must revolve around a certain theme.

The theme was tradition. The shirt had to speak about Lakeland’s past. Specifically, the shirt needed to convey how Lakeland was built and the growth the university has gone through.

As time passed, Kapla decided that the shirt design should be a symbol of celebration that not only current students could embrace, but alumni as well. The finalized t-shirt design includes the Muskies logo on it, along with the phrase “Fear The Fish” and black streamers behind the logo to represent celebration.

Kapla was extremely satisfied with both her design and its reception. On Oct. 14, Homecoming Day, the t-shirts made their debut. Kapla’s phone constantly notified her of texts and Snapchats from her friends showing appreciation toward the t-shirts.

“I was really happy,” Kapla said. “I was receiving many text messages saying ‘Oh my god’ or ‘The shirts are so cool,’ and I wasn’t even on campus at the time!”