Improv team performs skits

Chase Lindgren, Staff Reporter

On Thursday, Feb. 16 at 9 p.m., Lakeland University’s improv team put on their first show of the semester in the 1862 Lounge.

Some of the skits performed included “The Dub Scene,” “Scenes from a Hat,” “Weekend at Bernies,” “The Dating Game” and “Good Bad Worse.”

“The Dub Scene” skit had an audience member and an actor talk in gibberish to each other, while others interpreted what they were saying during the exchange.

The “Scenes from a Hat” skit let audience members write down scene suggestions before the performance and those suggestions were later drawn from a hat and used as prompts.

The “Weekend at Bernies” skit had actors killed one at a time as it progressed. Someone was forced to hold the actors up as they said their dialogue.

“The Dating Game” skit included a bachelor/bachelorette trying to guess what the contestants’ professions were in the context of a dating game show.

Lastly, the “Good Bad Worse” skit had actors give the audience good, bad and worse advice regarding questions that the audience asked.

The improv team will perform once a month. Their next performance is on March 16 at 9 p.m. in the 1862 Lounge. They will perform some of the same skits, but they will also be switching up a few.

Mayce Bacon, senior writing major and improv president, said, “Being the second show, I’m very excited to see how us players do in our performance. The last performance was the first of the semester so now that we are in the swing of things, I can’t wait for the show.”

The improv team is also open to having new actors join the group. Bacon said, “We’ve had some people express interest in joining Lakeland improv, and had some new people come to our last rehearsal so there might be new faces at the next performance, which is great.”