Antley receives opportunity to play baseball

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Antley receives opportunity to play baseball

Jon Rivera, Sports Editor

Traveling over 1,000 miles to attend a college might be a stretch for many students. However, being able to play baseball makes it all worth it for James Antley, sophomore exercise science major.

Antley has been playing baseball since he was only four years old. He played quite a bit of travel ball when he lived in Alabama, but then his family moved from Alabama to Louisiana, where his baseball career went downhill.

Antley played for a couple different recreational leagues in Louisiana, but they did not have the same competitive feeling as they did in Alabama.

When Antley got to middle school, he tried out for the baseball team in seventh and eighth grade, but didn’t make the team on either attempt.

Antley didn’t stop trying, however. In his freshman and sophomore years at Hahnville High School, he tried out for the high school baseball team. However, Antley was told “no” both times, once again.

Baseball was in Antley’s blood, as he still strived for the opportunity to play despite coaches not believing in him.

Finally, Antley received a chance to play, as he made the high school baseball team his junior year. After all of his tough work, the coaches allowed him to join the Hahnville High School baseball roster.

During his junior year baseball season, he was limited to just three games in the season. After the season, Antley got cut, causing him to go down his own path for baseball.

At the beginning of spring of Antley’s senior year, his recruiting process started to get really intense. He had heavy interests from five different colleges, including Lakeland.

Antley picked Lakeland because he loved the idea that Lakeland’s team gave him the chance to truly compete. Despite the huge weather difference, he traveled 1,067 miles just to be told “yes.”

Antley expects to be great every time he’s on the mound for Lakeland. His mindset has never changed, as he says, “I’m better than every person that gets in the box and I’m going to challenge them.”

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