Inspiration with Lindsey: Time Gaps

Inspiration with Lindsey: Time Gaps

Lindsey Vagnini, Ad Manager

Handed the slippery white receipt in the Muskie Mart line, my hand scaled the side of the patriotic-colored soda cup. The sound of the acidic fizzle signaling a sticky brown liquid spilling over the suffocated circular rim was inviting the placement of a plastic cover identical to those seen at McDonald’s. My stomach did its own dance of joy because of the knowledge that a delicious meal was being prepared.

Concurrently, I thought about the time spent waiting for my food.

Whether this thought was clear indication that Spring Break was needed, or if I had been on campus too long that I was inspired by simply ordering from Lakeland’s Muskie Mart, one can hardly tell.

Immediately, my next thought developed its own chrysalis as I related this moment to life.

Thinking about these times, and any portion of time that lingers in-between our experiences, sparks memories of distinct timeframes.

Picking out when we know something has ended and something else has yet to start is this time gap.

Time gaps represent hours, months, days, minutes and years.

Waiting for food at the Muskie Mart might seem a bit absurd, but paying attention to these gaps, in any environment, guides our understanding of where we have been and where we are going. It is through such reflection that we truly grasp the significance of our lives.