In Clinton we trust, but should we?


Daevon Reynolds, Staff Reporter

Although Donald Trump is a complete sexist, misogynistic, entitled pig, we shouldn’t too readily put faith into Hillary Clinton either.

We must first acknowledge her qualifications.

Clinton has previously been first lady of Arkansas and the U.S., first female U.S. senator from N.Y., democratic candidate for the 2008 election and secretary of state. Currently, she is the first female to be the nominee of a major party.

Yes, she has broken down many barriers and her résumé makes her seem perfect for the role of president, allowing her to break down the last barrier of being first female president.

Honestly though, she is not really fit to be our leader.

She is a terrible liar; how is it that she thought it wouldn’t be a problem to use her own personal e-mail for government information? This shows detrimental lack of critical thinking in a judgment call on a minor topic. It could have been hacked at anytime.

What makes this seem even worse is the fact that even if the emails weren’t classified during the initial emailing encounter, they became so when released to the public, clearly showing that it was sensitive information that should have been talked about within a government protected email account.

This small miscalculation is just as serious as the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Who told her that was a good idea? This lack of intelligence and political conformity that went with the majority of policymakers shows that Clinton is afraid to go against and challenge the majority of lawmakers.

This could also relate to how she may be easily swayed by big business donors to the Clinton Foundation into doing things that aren’t practical or beneficial towards the growth of the U.S., but in favor of said big businesses.

As Americans, we should be weary of trusting our most sacred office to a person who may be influenced by big businesses, is afraid to spar with the majority of policy makers, makes terrible miscalculations and horrible judgment calls that could jeopardize the safety of the U.S.

In this election, we have been put in between a rock and a hard place, but that doesn’t mean those are the only viable options. In fact, they’re both terrible, but regardless you should vote.