Creative Campus Tips: Favorite study places

Creative Campus Tips: Favorite study places

Amanda Bagnall-Newman, Website Manager

With classes starting back up in just a few days, students will need to get back into the swing of classes and the act of studying. If you are looking for a place to study other than your room, let me give you a few ideas:

1. 2nd Floor Library


There is a maze of shelves to help hide yourself away from distractions, and since people rarely go up there, there is almost perfect silence.

2. Campus Center


Some people prefer background noise, and nothing beats the sound of the coffee machines roaring in the background. While there are usually other students studying there, you will be studying together.

3. Chase Lounge


This space is cute, cozy and houses an array of science students and teachers. While at first you may seem out of place, there is a good chance someone there can help you with your Chemistry homework.

4. 1st Floor Library


Another hot spot for those who prefer background noise, this place holds a variety of students and even tutors who can help you out. There is no shame using a tutor, they are there to help you.

5. Quiet Rooms in Verhulst


While these rooms are intended for music students, the occasional student stops in for a completely silent study place. Make sure to be courteous to the music room dwellers, for they hold reign.

6. In Grether Woods


If you take the treacherous journey to Grether Woods, there is a beautiful space next to the Friendship Bridge that is the perfect study spot, if the weather permits of course.

7. Wehr Center Courtyard


Work out too hard? Can’t make it back to your apartment? Just camp out in the Wehr Center Courtyard for a bit and get some studying done. Or even stop in before practice to work your mind before you work your body.

8. South Commons


For a more private study area, head to South Commons. This area is ideal because there is little noise, but it is not deadly silent. It even has computers to use.

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