Creative Campus Tips: Best nap spots on campus

Creative Campus Tips: Best nap spots on campus

Amanda Bagnall-Newman, Website Manager

1. Third floor of the Library.


The Library is the best option for napping, but the crown of the building is its top floor. The Librarians even have placed bean bag chairs around to use as pillows. It is a common occurrence to find students there lounging.

2. The lawn outside of Kruger Hall


On a warm, sunny day, the lawn between Kruger Hall, Old Main and Verhulst is the best place for a variety of activates, including napping. Bring out a blanket and catch some rays. Just make sure not to get hit by other sun enjoyers who are playing catch.

3. Weir Lounge.


Sometimes a workout leaves you too tired to move, so taking a quick nap in the Lounge will help you refresh for the walk home.

4. Under a tree.


The outside is a beautiful place full of sunshine and tranquility. Take advantage of this peaceful aura by taking a nap outside. But maybe wait until spring when it is warmer.

5. The various couches around campus.


There are a variety of couches sitting around campus. The Campus Center and the 1862 Lounge hold prime spots to crash, but there are other options as well.

6. Third floor of Old Main.


Put in a quick nap before your next class in the lounge area in Old Main. There isn’t much traffic, and there is enough space for your classmates to join you.

7. Hall Lounges.


While your nap will be inconvenient for other residents, the lounges are comfy places for a quick power nap.

8. Your bed.

There is no place like home, so sleep in your room where others cannot disturb you.