Cool shoes walk campus

Melissa Reise, Staff Reporter

If you’ve walked past a guy with really cool-looking shoes lately, there’s a chance it was Andrew Jacobchick.

Jacobchick, a junior majoring in psychology, hails from Oostburg, Wis. He was drawn to Lakeland because of its psychology program, which he plans to get his master’s in while here.

In addition to enjoying psychology, he also takes great pride in his shoes. His love for his shoes started when he received a pair of Jordans at five years old.

Jacobchick said, “I got really obsessed with them and started wearing them all the time and cleaning them. From there, I started buying a lot of shoes in high school and college.”

He has collected about 300 pairs, all of which he loves to keep clean and post to Instagram. His favorite pair right now are his Lebron 9 Palmers.

He also has presented his shoes at various conventions. “I go all over the Midwest and do them. I buy, sell and trade shoes and can sometimes make a lot of money doing it,” said Jacobchick.

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