Cat café coming to campus

Amanda Bagnall-Newman, Website Editor

After roaming Lakeland’s campus for many years, the stray cats have decided to rally together, have had their proposal approved and are now becoming a key part of campus. As a result, The Daily Grind will be undergoing renovations again, this time with its feline friends in mind.

Soon the coffee shop will transition into The Daily Purr, a campus cat café where students, faculty and staff can enjoy a cup of their favorite brew with the company of a feline companion.

The stray campus cats were rescued by Dan Eck, Lakeland College president, from around campus and are being reintroduced to the public through the café. Local shelter cats are also going to be brought in for the occasion. All of the cats will be up for adoption to those who live off-campus for a low fee of $350, and yes, you can pay with Muskie Money.

The Daily Purr will feature 16 cats with various purrsonalities that will be free to roam about the Campus Center to interact with its visitors.

The café’s featured cat is Peppermint Mocha, a sweet and kind kitty who has been looking for love in all the wrong places. He enjoys the little things in life, like long walks on the beach and drinking catnip wine.

Another special kitty at the café is JaQueen, a cat that loves to party. JaQueen was previously found roaming campus and, after months of collecting dust at the local animal shelter, is back with a passion. His hobbies include chillin’, giving high five’s and knocking things off the table.

The cats will be trained to make drinks for customers, excluding smoothies. For an extra under the table fee, cats will slip catnip into your drink. The cats will also be in uniform, wearing bow ties and aprons. On Wednesdays, they will wear pink.

The cat café idea stuck with Casey Schaetz, manager of the Daily Grind, after she visited the new cat café in Madison, Wis. The café was extremely popular with local visitors and various tourists, who found delight interacting with the furry friends.

After much persuasion from the campus cats, Schaetz fell into temptation and started plans to transform The Daily Grind into The Daily Purr.

The Daily Purr is now hiring cat specialists, who will be responsible to monitor behavior, clean the kitty litter and make sure no cats are stolen. Specialists will also be trained in the art of cat telepathy in order to properly communicate between human and feline employees. To apply for the position, visit Career Connect.

There will be a groundbreaking ceremony on April 1, otherwise known as April Fool’s Day. In celebration, the cats are performing the Cha Cha Slide, audience participation is encouraged. Make sure to wear your best dunce hat.