Ask Rina: A Suitemate in Distress


Serina Jones, Staff Reporter

Dear Rina:

I’ve been living in my suite for two years, and in my suite are my roommate and six other women. My roommate and I have seniority in the suite and the other six women are new to the suite.

The issue here is that they are all NASTY! We made a clean-up chart and they do not follow it. How should I go about approaching them about their messiness? What should I expect? What should I do?

  • A Suitemate in Distress


Dear Suitemate in Distress:

My first suggestion would be to call for a suite meeting. There you could address the situation all at once to get a sense of where everyone’s head is at.

If that doesn’t help, talk to your Resident Assistant. If things do not change once they get involved, explain to the Director of Residence Life, Jim Bajczyk, that you and your roommate have been there for two years and you refuse to leave because they cannot clean up after themselves.

I absolutely believe that if it comes down to it, they should be the ones to leave. They have demonstrated that they do not deserve to live in an apartment-style dorm hall, but rather a traditional dorm.

  • Rina