Inspiration with Lindsey: The Leverage of Inspiration

Inspiration with Lindsey: The Leverage of Inspiration

Lindsey Vagnini, Ad Manager

As we experiencing moments of awe, like when we stand at the end of the Thanksgiving table hoping no one sees us drooling over the delicious scent or the sensation felt while glancing at the clouds underbellies hanging loosely in the sky while sitting in an airplane among them, we are observing inspirational encounters.

Food and travel are just some of the many ways inspiration can develop. Of course, these are more superficial examples of inspiration, as opposed to our interpersonal and location experiences.

Inspiration enlightens our spirit and thoughts in ways that often people alone cannot.

For instance, inspiration might be derived through other people, but it is a very individualistic phenomenon that manifests inside each of us.

It is almost like those Saturday morning cartoons displaying the mouse’s thoughts in a sketched bubble above his head like a conscience, telling him not to walk into the mouse trap with a giant piece of cheese resting in place of the squashing section: humor is inspiring.

Each person experiences life differently and, in the same way, different people accept inspiration in different ways and to different depths. What impacts upon and makes one person’s day outstanding could be another person’s shoulder-shrug reaction.

Then again, inspiration can be found in anything that takes our thoughts off of our ground-level attentions and on to the best of our life’s experiences.

Whether it is through humor, other people, words, moments or a series of events, inspiration is always to our internal advantage as it is a part of our experience.