New Musko mascot revealed to students

Michelle Fromm, Managing Editor

If you’ve been paying attention to Lakeland’s media—whether on Facebook, YouTube, or—you have probably noticed quite a bit of hype surrounding the introduction of a new version of the beloved Musko the Muskie mascot costume.

Leading up to Musko’s big reveal, Lakeland posted various photos and video clips.

At first, the media was unclear as to the exact nature of what was about to happen, but conveyed a general sense of mystery.

One short video that Lakeland posted to YouTube showed a student ice fishing at Lakeland’s lagoon. Some frightening music played as he tried to real in his catch, but when the line came up, there was nothing but the huge, yellow foam fishhook that the new mascot now carries like a threatening weapon.

Images posted to Lakeland’s Facebook page and to showed various blurred and shadowy representations of the new Musko hiding around campus and even from photos taken long ago in Lakeland’s history.

Finally, a video Lakeland posted on Feb. 12 showed the supposed recreation of Musko with a cast of science students injecting and operating on the old mascot in the hopes that he would become “better, stronger, faster.” But Musko’s face was still not fully showed except in a few very blurry frames showing him running across the gymnasium.

The new Musko was finally revealed to students at the NAC Tournament Quarterfinals basketball game on Feb. 16, where Musko inspired the Muskies to victory.

Two days later, the new Musko was featured in a Harlem Shake video for those who missed the big game, allowing Lakeland’s famous fish to participate in the growing fad of dancing to the Harlem Shake— at first solo, and then with a huge room full of crazily-dressed people.


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