What to know about Lakeland University Japan

Andrés Gonzalez, Staff Reporter

Although many students at Lakeland hear about our campus in Japan, few know much about it. According to Lakeland’s very own website, Lakeland’s home campus approved the project as a two-year program in 1991 and it was later approved by the NCA as an “accredited branch campus”.

Lakeland University Japan (LUJ) has undergone many changes since its incipient stages, two of which are a change in venue and the switch from a two-year to a four-year campus. Previously a two-year institution, it has since been converted into a four-year institution. This allows current students the choice of whether to stay to complete their studies, or travel to study at our traditional campus.

Current Lakeland, and former LUJ, student, Yu Asano shared an account of her experience at the old LUJ campus and why she decided it was a good fit for her. She initially wanted to study abroad but it was “risky” to make the switch immediately. Instead, she found LUJ to the perfect place to practice English and take “baby steps” in the direction of transitioning towards independence and accomplishing her goal of studying abroad.

LUJ was previously located in Shinjuku and is now located in Tokyo. According to Yu, LUJ was the perfect change of pace for her. She is originally from a “rural area,” so the fast-paced city fascinated her. As a transfer, Yu’s experiences here at the main campus has allowed her to practice English and meet many new friends.