Participation in Weekly Events Inspires New Connections

Michaela Schmitz, Staff Reporter

Each week, Lakeland University features a variety of events to look forward to. Whether it be different sporting events, guest speakers, weekly free bowling, or different game nights, Lakeland University always manages to provide something for students to participate in.  

A weekly event that students should take advantage of, is the free bowling offered every Tuesday night at the Odyssey Lanes in Sheboygan Falls. Bowling begins at 9 p.m. and goes until 11 p.m., offering students at least two or three free games. No matter your skill set, this event offers a great opportunity to engage with friends and create new ones in a relaxed, fun filled atmosphere.   

A special event coming up is the Music and Trivia Night hosted by David Gallianetti, better known as G-Force to Lakeland students. The event will take place in the pub area of the campus center at 7 p.m. on Thursday, March 17, 2022. Prizes, in the form of swag or Spotify gift cards, will be awarded to winners of the event. So make sure to grab a group of friends and stop by the event for a chance to win and show off your music trivia knowledge. 

LaJill Edge, student engagement coordinator at Lakeland University, is in charge of setting up different events for students and has been successfully navigating the difficulties’ covid has presented her with. One problem she has encountered is that many students prefer to stay in their dorm room instead of coming out and participating in different events. In efforts to bring everyone together again, LaJill tries to reach out to the students, through surveys, to get a better grasp on what they enjoyed or what they would like to see in the future. She says, “getting out and attending these events is all about the bigger connection and getting to know other people.”   

If any students have an idea for an event, and they don’t want to wait for the surveys, LaJill is more than willing and actually encourages students to pop in by her office and share their ideas. Her goal is to create more connections between students that might not normally interact with each other, and hopefully foster new and exciting friendships. To find out about upcoming events, go to and click on the events tab. We hope to see you at our upcoming events!