Lakeland University’s People of Virtue: All About Helping Others

Bora Ajdini, Staff Reporter

Lakeland University’s “People of Virtue” is a student-run organization on campus focused on helping students continue their academic journey through mentorship, advice, and building relationships. The organization was originally established in 2015 as “Gentlemen of Virtue” to help with male student retention. In 2017, “Ladies of Virtue” was implemented. These organizations were merged to form “People of Virtue” in 2019, and now, all Muskies are welcome.

Currently, the organization has 18 members, and they are looking to expand their membership. Corey Roberson, the organization’s advisor, detailed how members volunteer at Jefferson Elementary School in Sheboygan as mentors to local students. Members help students with their schoolwork and make sure they are supported by members of the community. D’Angelo Friend, a member of the organization, knows he is making an impact every time he visits the students, and they love having the chance to hang out with “adult” college students. He said that he would have loved to have this mentorship as a child because members makes each student feel important and seen.

Apart from the work they do at Jefferson Elementary school, the organization meets biweekly to focus on fostering cross-cultural relationships, developing their professional personas, and making sure that each member continues to stay actively involved at Lakeland, maintain good academic standing, graduate, and ultimately prepare for a successful career after college. The organization focuses on creating strategies to help students overcome difficulties and cope with challenges that otherwise would lead a student to drop out of college.

Lakeland University always strives to ensure the wellbeing and success of its students by continuously developing strategies to ensure students are on the right path to success. Becoming a member of “People of Virtue” is simple; stop by Corey Roberson’s office in the Lauer Center and he will add you as part of the organization today!