Film club at Lakeland

Austin Anderson, Staff Reporter

The first film club at Lakeland College has begun this year. The idea came from Lakeland student, Devin Kelly, a sophomore/junior Germen major at Lakeland. He shared the idea with close friend, Collin Parish, a junior history major. They then envisioned a group that was devoted to the students and making films.

The Film Club will watch movies of all kinds and make short films involving the students and club members. The short films will promote other clubs and departments on campus including the science department, the music department and athletics.

“It gives the students a chance to have some fun while at school,” says Kelly. He also stated that, “If students love to act and watch movies and television series, then they will be right at home at the Film Club.”

The club wants to make a short promotional film, dialogue performed all in Japanese, about Lakeland College Japan. Another idea is a scripted one act play that Kelly has composed called, “Love and all that goes with it.” The play is based on Shakespeare’s style of writing and will be a total of 15 minutes.

Most of the video shorts that the club will make will be funny skits much like that of Saturday Night Live sketches. All of the videos will be filmed next semester and posted to YouTube so the world may watch them.

Vance Chinen, senior resort management major, says, “I like watching movies so I gave [Film Club] a try.”

For now, the club is focusing on meeting every Friday in The Pub for a few minutes to discuss any new movies to watch during the week. They will watch movies one day every week at different locations. The club includes nine members. Students wanting to join should get in touch with Kelly.