Muskies slow start, fast finish

Alec Noa, Staff Writer

The Muskies Women’s Soccer team started off their season slow with a pair of non-conference games this weekend taking on St. Nortberg on the 1st, and Ripon College on the 2nd . The Muskies dropped their first two games of the season, losing to St. Nortberg 2-10, and losing to Ripon College 2-6.

But on Wednesday, the Muskies season started to take a turn for the better when they picked up their first win of the season against Alverno College. Lakeland started the game off strong when Hannah Landgraf scored the first two goals of the contest at the 8th,  and 58th minute of the first half.

But Landgraf wasn’t the only one to score for the Muskies. Ashley Jennings also got a piece of the action when she punched in a goal at the 69th minute of the half. But Alverno wouldn’t go down without a fight.

Alverno finally got on the board when Bryanna Gayle scored a goal at the 72nd minute for Alverno College. The Muskies would hang on though, when Brooke Schallar killed the Alverno momentum and iced the game for the Muskies. The goal made the final score of the game 4-1. This was the first win of the season for the Lakeland College Women’s soccer team.

The Muskies will look to keep their winning streak going when they take on Beloit College on September 13th.

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