Renon looks to become All-American

Brandon Rooker, Staff Reporter

On March 9-10, at the National Tournament in La Crosse, Wisconsin, junior Ryan Renon will attempt to do what only two other Lakeland College wrestlers have ever done before: become an All-American.

The National Tournament is the next step for Renon, who successfully took the regional title for the 165-pound weight class. He is only the second wrestler in Lakeland College history to win his weight class at regionals.

“At first I didn’t know [that I was the second ever], but when I found out, I knew that I had accomplished something great,” Renon said. “I hope I can keep it going.”

He said becoming an All-American would “be the accumulation of [his] college career.”

“It’s a chance to do something great. I could be a role model. I could show that hard work really does pay off. I’m glad to represent Lakeland College, and hope I represent them well.”

Renon heads into the National Tournament with a 31-4 record for the season. He says he’s compiled his tremendous record by working hard and putting in a lot of time.  “My coaches and teammates [have helped me as well],” he said, “I also watch a lot of film.”

Though he doesn’t know yet whom he is facing at the tournament, Renon says he doesn’t plan to change his game plan.

“I don’t plan on changing anything,” he said, “I’m just going to try and improve in practice to get better.”