Muskie Spotlight: Emma Bruder

Muskie Spotlight: Emma Bruder

Le'Shay Jones, Staff Reporter

Name: Emma Bruder

Year: Freshman

Major/Minor: Sports management and leadership/athletic coaching

Hometown: Frankfort, Ill.

Sport: Volleyball

If you could choose any career outside of your field what would it be: “I’d pick being a preschool teacher.”

What do you want to accomplish most at Lakeland: “I want to build my connections and have a job ready by graduation, or at least a game plan for my next step!”

If you had a spirit animal what would it be: “A puppy for sure because I’m always full of energy and I try to do too many things at once.”

What is your biggest pet peeve: “When people don’t give their full effort.”

What is the first thing you would do with one million dollars: “I’d probably pay off my tuition loans.”

Who’s your least favorite superhero: “Superman. I think he’s overrated.”