Men’s Soccer gets new head coach


Marc Baumbach, the new head coach for men’s soccer.

Gustavo Zogobi, Staff Reporter

Marc Baumbach was recently named the new head coach of men’s soccer. Baumbach, who lives in Green Bay, is from Minnesota, where he graduated from Saint John’s University in Collegeville.
Baumbach, who has an extensive curriculum in collegiate soccer, said, “I have been coaching college soccer for 15 years.” During this time, Baumbach has become familiar with collegiate soccer at the DI, DII and DIII levels.

For the last year, Baumbach was an assistant coach at Colby College, an NCAA Division III program in the New England Small College Athletic Conference. He has also been the head coach for a season at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay, a NCAA Division I program. During another five years of his career, he was the head men’s coach at Buena Vista University in Iowa.
Baumbach added that he has also “been coaching club soccer for the past 17 years.”

Baumbach loves the sport. He also likes watching the professional level, which he believes can help him to become a better coach. “Watching the professional game is part of my learning,” he said.

Baumbach is also really excited to be coaching at Lakeland. He said, “the players have adapted well and have really taken on my coaching style.” Baumbach also thinks that “the most important challenge will be setting standards for the current group, raising expectations and challenging the players to get better every day we are in the program.”

Baumbach, is very pleased with his current group of guys. He said, “They have embraced the challenge and continue to work hard and grow each day.”

For the program itself, Baumbach said, “I want to build a quality program that is very competitive in the NCAA and non-conference season.” He added, “I want players to have a well-rounded experience here at Lakeland and will expect high achievement in the classroom first and foremost and have that be the same on the field.”

His philosophy of coaching is the one that is centered on the team and the high standards he has for those individuals. He said, “I want us to work hard, learn and enjoying what we are doing.”

Baumbach’s goal is clear: to make Lakeland a top program, not only in the classroom, but on the field, as well.