Freshman sinks huge shot


Photo Courtesy of Lakeland College

Rachel Stankevich plays forward on the Women’s Basketball team.

Leah Ulatowski, Editor-in-Chief

While most people enjoyed a night out on Valentine’s Day, Rachel Stankevich, freshman exercise science and sport studies major, was racing against the clock to perform a dramatic buzzer-beating layup. She secured another victory for the women’s basketball team over Benedictine University by a final score of 63-61.

“When I saw the girl deflect the ball, I thought to myself ‘how in the world am I going to catch this and make it in one second?’ because I had no idea where the basket even was,” Stankevich said of her winning play, “but after making it, there was only pure joy because I was able to make the shot for my team.”

After Stankevich completed the basket, her teammates immediately spilled onto the court and tackled their forward in a group hug.

“(When I first came to Lakeland), I was wondering whether I’d be able to work well with the other girls because I was starting fresh with people that I didn’t really know,” Stankevich said. “Because my high school was so small, I knew everyone on my team since junior high. But after playing games and having practice at Lakeland, I got to know all the girls a lot better.”

As a freshman, Stankevich was a new face to everyone on campus a short while ago, but she has quickly made a name for herself.

“It’s exciting! I wasn’t expecting people to know my name until at least my junior or senior year,” Stankevich said. “I just hope I can continue to grow as a player for my team and program.”

With Stankevich’s skills on the court receiving news coverage from organizations such as The Sheboygan Press and TMJ4, she is also becoming a well-known name in the community.

However, Stankevich has never really thought about what she would do if basketball continues to give her a public platform. She simply loves the game.

“But if I had to choose, I’d promote Lakeland College and even my hometown,” Stankevich said. “I’d also probably encourage younger children to participate in athletics.”