Ridiculous Review: Mexican Restaurant

Stephanie Rebek and Michelle Fromm

Delicious food was served at a place with a less than pleasing atmosphere.

Though the decor fit the holiday season, it did not meet the authenticity of the “south of the border” feeling. Hearts on strings hung from the ceiling in an attempt to spruce up the bland dining area. The beeping and dinging of the kitchen appliances tended to drown out the nearly inaudible music.

The service itself was extremely pleasing. The food was ready quickly and to our specifications. The servitor was willing to joke and had a friendly disposition.

The servitor arrived with our Virgin Strawberry Margarita, and bade us enjoy the drink. Our frozen drink was sweet and refreshing and served with frozen strawberries on top; unfortunately, the hot sauce provided with our meals canceled out the sweetness of the drink, therefore confounding our taste buds.

For our main dishes we ordered the double-shelled beef taco, the chicken burrito, the grilled beef taco sandwich, and the crispy-soft-shell beef taco. Our meals also came with one or two additional soft shell beef tacos.

The double-shelled beef taco and the grilled beef taco sandwich were very similar in how they were constructed, for they both consisted of a mixture of soft and hard tortillas. The main difference was that of the shape and the types of cheese used.

The grilled sandwich was an odd geometric shape and contained a creamy cheese sauce; whereas, the double-shelled beef taco retained its hard tortilla shape while connecting the soft and hard shell using melted shredded cheese.

Dessert was a memorable indulgence. The cinnamon-sugar crisps were a delightful treat because they produced a satisfying crunch. Another dessert that is offered at this fine Mexican establishment would be the cookie sandwich. The center is filled with a sugary icing which complements the semi-sweet chocolate-chip cookie.

Overall, we judged the service of the north-side Taco Bell in Sheboygan to be excellent, while the menu itself could use a larger variety.

STARS: 2 out of 5
ATMOSPHERE: Did not meet the expectations of a Mexican restaurant.
SERVICE: Outstanding.
RECOMMENDED: We would recommend the grilled beef taco sandwich (also known as the Crunchwrap).
DRINKS: The Virgin Strawberry Margarita (also known as the Strawberry Fruitista Freeze).
PRICES: Inexpensive.

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