Ridiculous Review: Classic American fare at local restaurant

Stephanie Rebek and Michelle Fromm

The boneless rib sandwich and quarter pound burger came with a sides of fries and the choice of a soft drink or a drink upgrade such as the mango pineapple smoothie depicted next to the rib sandwich.

The contemporarily homey American atmosphere was paired with an industrial feeling in the cool air in the restaurant which we would be dining that evening. We placed our orders with a friendly young servitor who was happy to accommodate modifications to the menu items, though with a somewhat incredulous look upon his face. His classic all-black attire was well-maintained.

The arrival of our entrees was surprisingly prompt. We were bidden to fill our own glasses with beverages of our choice at the self-service carbonated beverage fountain, which lent itself to the casual and home-like atmosphere. Special beverages were made by hand by the staff, and included an assortment of smoothies and coffee-based drinks.

The rather sweet mocha was topped off with a flourish of whipped cream and chocolate drizzle. However, the cream was very quick to melt into the drink before it could be thoroughly admired. The temperature of the mocha itself allowed the drink to be consumed just a short while after being served.

Another satisfying option from the drinks menu was the mango pineapple smoothie. The ice was fully blended within the beverage and did not contain any undesirable ice-chunks. The mixture of flavors flowed together excellently, for the balance of mango with pineapple created a deliciously sweet taste.

The grilled chicken club sandwich could have been served warmer. However, the Swiss cheese was melted delicately across the boneless chicken breast. Unfortunately, the same heat that had, at some point, melted the cheese, also caused the slice of tomato to become sloppy and mealy. The chicken itself was flavorful and thoroughly cooked.

Upon biting into the mushroom Swiss burger, the combination of spices and condiments used to season the patty and mushrooms was palatable. However, the Angus patty was a bit dry and had a slightly grainy texture. Nonetheless, the burger was well-prepared, for the Swiss cheese was fully melted and the ingredients were surprisingly placed neatly on the bun.

A quarter-pound burger at this establishment is a taste of the traditional American fare. The sizable and somewhat moist ground beef patty is right at home amongst its conventional companions: ketchup , mustard, raw onion slices, pickles, and American cheese . While nothing to write home about, the burger is an enjoyable addition to the menu.

The barbeque sauce on the boneless rib sandwich tasted tangy on the tongue. The portion of pork rib on the sandwich exceeded expectations, for the restaurant supplied a generous proportion of meat to bread. Additionally, the combination of the delicious barbeque sauce with the raw onions and pickles upon a soft bun was the perfect combination.

A side of fries could be included with each sandwich, in keeping with the friendly American appeal. The portion size of this side dish was appropriate, and it was apparent why customers often comment on the quality of the restaurant’s French fries. They were not too soggy, not too crispy, not too salty, and were served at an enjoyably warm temperature.

Though the establishment offered both ice cream and apple pie for dessert, we were forced to combine this pairing on our own at the table—a somewhat disappointing inconvenience for the customer. However, once the apple pie a la mode had been assembled and drizzled with caramel, its appeal was enchanting.

As we ate, we observed that the atmosphere of the restaurant was greatly improved by the fact that rowdy children were contained within a glass case, which included variously colored-playthings for their amusement.

The only negative aspect that the atmosphere contained was that business matters were being conducted within the dining area, rather than in the manager’s office. During our meal, we observed no less than two potential employees being interviewed for various positions.

Overall, the food and experience sufficiently pleased us, and we shall be sure to visit McDonald’s once again.

STARS: 3 out of 5

ATMOSPHERE: Ripped booth benches placed in formations allowing for some amount of privacy. Cushions were less than supportive.

SERVICE: Polite and incredulous. Business matters were conducted openly in the dining area.

RECOMMENDED: Apple pie, grilled club sandwich, French fries, Angus mushroom and Swiss burger.

DRINKS: Mango pineapple smoothie, mocha.

PRICES: Reasonable.

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