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Libraries may change but they are here to stay

Dear Editor,

For all of you that read “The Future Disappearance of Libraries” that appeared in the Sept. 20th issue of the Mirror, we are writing to alleviate your fears. Libraries will continue to be here serving you and others as they have for centuries.

Technology is definitely impacting today’s libraries, and libraries are responding. In libraries across the state, you will see an evolving list of services: online databases for accessing information from home, the ability to borrow hard to find materials from other libraries, ebook check out, ereader and Ipad lending, computer classes, Facebook and Twitter feeds, ereference services and more; yet, the core mission of libraries remains the same:

• Connect people to ideas

• Help identify relevant and credible information

• Facilitate the development of new ideas

• Serve as a community gathering place for the exchange of ideas

Lakeland’s John Esch library is no different. Although we continue to provide a great collection of print books and journals and a quiet place to study, we are always exploring new ways to meet the information needs of students and faculty.

This fall we expanded our online offerings with:

SPORTDiscus, an online collection of exercise science related journals,

PsycTESTS, a repository of psychological tests and measures and

E Journals A-Z, a resource for determining which database will have the article you need.

Lakeland’s Information Technology staff has implemented EZproxy for easier off-campus access to Lakeland’s online library resources.

he library has expanded our instructional services to increase awareness of the great resources available and to connect students to the information they need to be successful in the classroom and beyond.

This summer several online webinars were offered to acquaint students with using the library’s databases. Currently the library has three group study rooms for those working on group projects, and many evenings you will find study groups congregating in the library.

For the latest library news, you can even follow a Lakeland librarian on Twitter at You can access ebooks through EasiCat using your library card.

Will the library be the same five years from now? It definitely will not, but it will continue to serve students, faculty and staff with services, resources and physical spaces to enhance Lakeland’s learning environment. Stop in and visit.

The library staff,

Ann Penke

Bob Schuricht

Joe Pirillo

Teresa Grimm


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Libraries may change but they are here to stay