Thank you, President Gould

President Stephen A. Gould deserves the congratulations of all as he nears his retirement after 42 years of tireless and excellent work for Lakeland College.

Dr. Gould has served Lakeland in many roles since he was hired to teach German in 1970, and the work he has done in all of them resonates today and will continue to resonate always.

Likewise will the manner in which he did that work.

Talking with people around campus with whom Dr. Gould has worked closely, the respect they have for him is apparent.

“Our relationship, student-teacher, has never changed,” said David Lynch, Instructor of Chinese and General Studies and a former student of Gould’s. “I may work for him, but I would still say that our relationship as I see it – he may think of it in a different way and that’s incredibly flattering to me – I still look at him as a teacher. I get lots of guidance about what my role is here but also what let’s call life lessons.”

“His passion for the institution is sort of covert,” Fessler Professor of Creative Writing and Poet in Residence Karl Elder said. “Steve is not a bragger, but he does brag about other people. His ambition is covert, it’s not overt. It comes from a passion that has nothing to do with the desire for power. It’s not a personal thing.”

“He’s someone about whom I have profound respect,” said his wife, Susan Gould, who will retire with him at the end of May. “I continue to be impressed with him. I get choked up as I say it even. He’s a marvelous person.”

Countless such glowing testimonials of Dr. Gould exist around campus.

“The biggest challenge of being a leader is the challenge of being the sort of person someone would consider following,” said Dr. Gould.

The people of Lakeland College would follow Dr. Gould anywhere.

Thank you, Dr. Gould.

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