Inspiration with Lindsey: Knowing comfort

Inspiration with Lindsey: Knowing comfort

Lindsey Vagnini, Ad Manager

What brings you comfort? Stumped? Well, we can try breaking it down:

Comfort is eating your favorite ‘insert food here.

Comfort is when you are in the middle of ‘insert experience here.

Comfort is being with ‘insert fun person here.

Comfort is sleeping until ‘insert time here.

Comfort is having peace in ‘insert frightening situation here.

Comfort is being wrapped up in a warm blanket and drinking ‘insert a delicious hot beverage here.

Comfort is the relief you feel after a 30 minute search for the smart phone you thought you lost.

Typically, we might attribute ‘comfort’ to the level of a child. For instance, an image of a seven year old child, sitting outside on a school step, next to an adult rubbing his back and speaking words of sympathy might appear in our minds.

As adults, however, what does comfort mean to us?

Is it any of the above-mentioned things, that moment when we reach the bottom of a Ben & Jerry’s ice cream tub or when we have the drink of our choice in hand over our favorite meal?

We can find comfort through a particular environment, a word, an action, a person or location.

In considering these comfort-creating avenues, we are creating for ourselves a go-to list for whenever we feel we may be in need of a little relief and support.

Knowing what brings you comfort is sure to bring satisfaction; you need only apply the means to gain that wonderful feeling.