Inspiration with Lindsey: History as DNA brings purpose

Inspiration with Lindsey: History as DNA brings purpose

Lindsey Vagnini, Advertising Manager

Backward, the word ‘Lakeland’ is spelled ‘Dnalekal,’ making the first three letters of this word ‘DNA.’

DNA, in this context, is not a literal reference to our cellular structure. Rather, this DNA is our history.

As part of the Lakeland community, we all have a part of Lakeland in our DNA. Our time here, however long, adds to this DNA simply by us having a presence here.

So, what is this history?

In short, it can by anything we have done, anything we have experienced and anything we have encountered in the past.

Some of this history might include lectures we have sat through, events we have attended, people we have met, or times when we have laughed not from an empty joke, but from a gut-wrenching tickle of sheer amusement in reaction to something or someone.

Looking at things differently, like the word ‘Lakeland,’ helps us find hints to show how our present situation is becoming our past.

Our history is precious. Exploring our personal history clues us into an unfolding of understanding we might have never realized without such consideration.

Having the opportunity to pick out which parts of our story’s history we can piece together with that which is being created, shows us the great purpose our story is proving itself to have.

It is in knowing this purpose and recognizing our history, that we can help ourselves in the future, while still carrying our fond memories of the past.