Creative Campus Tips: Gifts college students actually want

Creative Campus Tips: Gifts college students actually want

Amanda Bagnall-Newman, Website Editor

  1. Gas card


If your student has a car on campus, they could always use extra gas money.

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  1. A good read


A college student’s bookcase is already filled with boring textbooks, liven them up with a good book.

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  1. Grocery gift card


Free food is what all college students desire, a grocery gift card is the perfect present.

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  1. Ticked to their favorite band or show

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Is there a band your college student has always wanted to see live? Or perhaps a theater show? Treat them to a night out and buy them tickets to their favorite show.

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  1. Crazy socks


I use my socks to express myself and, since socks are something we wear everyday, they run out quickly.

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  1. Extra large wine glass or beer mug


Everyone secretly wants these, and you don’t want your student to go thirsty. So get them a cup that never goes empty.

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  1. Mac & Cheese cookbook


Mac & Cheese is the main nutrition source of the college student. It is yummy, filling and deliciously cheesy. Giving them a cookbook will help spice up their favorite dish.

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  1. A subscription box


A monthly surprise is always a fun treat, and there are a variety of subscription boxes to choose from to fit your student’s lifestyle.

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