Reflections: Success Coaches

Sarah Yagler
Criminal Justice Major

I feel like they are a good addition, but they are not really working out. I feel you should personally be able to pick who you want as your success coach because you don’t always get along with someone you are assigned to. I see success coaches contacting other students who are not theirs. I feel there should be more of a plan with how they are going to keep a student right on track.


Danika Newberry
Criminal Justice and Psychology Major

As a freshman, coming in and having someone that is there for you outside of your advisor is pretty cool. Although, I have only had two meetings with my success coach this whole year. I feel as if they could be very beneficial if they put forth a bigger effort. Also, being able to pick who your success coach is might be better than having someone handed to you. I feel like it could really work with some fixes.


Marvin Warfield
Graphic Arts Major

I feel the success coaches have been helpful and pretty active within the campus and making their presence known. What I would like to see change is maybe establishing more success coaches due to the current schedules of the ones we have.


Ashley Lehman
Psychology Major

I think the intent of the success coaches is good, but it’s not being portrayed very well. To me, they only focus on the new students or students that are graduating. This makes sense, but that leaves out the students in between that are not used to having a success coach. When it comes to academic achievements, I feel that advisors should investigate that. When it comes to future internships or jobs, success coaches should help.

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